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Tuition and Policy

  1. Tuition:

    Chinese: $170.00 for the spring semester (2 hours per week)
    Chinese AP: $200.00 for the spring semester (2 hours per week)

    Math: $90.00 + $20 (book fee) per semester (1 hour per week).
    $120.00 per semester for other courses such as drawing, dance, etc(1 hour per week)

  2. Tuition Policy:

    – Start from the 1st Week: Full tuition + registration fee (if registered later than deadline)
    – Start from the 7th Week: 2/3 tuition + registration fee
    – Start from the 10th Week: 1/2 tuition + registration fee
    – Start from the 13th Week or after 12th Week: 1/3 tuition + registration fee

  3. Refund Policy:

    Drop off before the 4th Week : Deduct book fee and the tuition for the lessons taken.
    Drop off before the 5th Week : No refund.

  4. For Students:

    General: Students must follow school rules and regulations.
    Safety: Activities, which may be harmful to people or cause damage to property, are forbidden. These activities include, but not limited to, chasing each other, standing on table, pointing a sharp object to other people.
    Respect: Students should respect and greet their teachers. Students should respect and greet their fellow classmates. It is forbidden to use any irritate or disrespectful language and words.
    Responsibility: Students or their parents will take full responsibility for any damage or harm to human body (including student themselves) and property.
    Class: Attend class on time. Follow teacher’s instruction. Raise hand before speaking. Do not talk without teacher’s permission. Complete and submit homework in time according to teacher’s requirements.
    Report: report any concerning issues to class teacher.

  5. For Teachers:

    General: Teaching should meet the standard of the school.
    Rules and Regulations: must be given to students in the first lesson of every semester.
    Teaching outline and summary: submit a teaching outline at the beginning of every semester to Principal. The outline includes the starting lesson and ending lesson and major topics of each lesson (grammar, words, composition, requirement etc.). Submit a summary at the end of each semester including test materials.
    Teaching: Prepare lesson before teaching. Keep class under control. Report any emerging issues to Principal. Keep all records of students. Teachers are encouraged to use computer or other modern teaching techniques in class.
    Homework: Give student suitable homework and check them in next class.

  6. For Parents::

    – Explain to kids about school rules and regulations. Educate kids to follow the rules and regulations.
    – Register kids to the school every year. Sign the permission slip and release form before the class starts.
    – Pay tuition within the first two weeks of each semester.
    – Tell class teacher any special issue about kids, so that the teacher may help.
    – Bring kids to school and pick them up on time.
    – May sit in the classroom, but must keep quiet. Without permission from class teacher, parents should not talk to their kids.
    – Help teachers on teaching activities when being asked.
    – Report to school administrators any complaint about teaching or other issues.
    – Respect class teacher.